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Well Analyzer

The Well Analyzer is a computerized instrument for acquiring liquid level data, acoustic pressure transient data, dynamometer data, and motor power / current data. The Well Analyzer package contains a notebook computer, software, analog to digital converters, and sensors.
The Well Analyzer is an integrated artificial lift data acquisition and diagnostic system that allows an operator to maximize oil and gas production and minimize operating expense. Well productivity, reservoir pressure, overall efficiency, equipment loading and well performance are derived from the combination of measurements of surface pressure, acoustic liquid level, dynamometer, power and pressure transient response. This portable system is based on a precision analog to digital converter controlled by a notebook computer with Windows-based application. The Well Analyzer acquires, stores, processes, displays and manages the data at the well site to give an immediate analysis of the well’s operating condition.

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Model M

The Model M is a portable dual-channel strip chart recorder that uses acoustics to obtain the distance to the liquid level in the casing annulus of a well. The device consists of a microprocessor controlled dual channel amplifier / recorder and a gun/microphone wellhead attachment.
Well Analyzer vs Model M: Advantages and Disadvantages
The computerized Well Analyzer is capable of obtaining a complete well analysis with minimal time and effort on the part of the operator, however, the operator must be familiar with the computer and software operations. Echometer offers a variety of training and seminars to help familiarize operators with equipment function and operations.
The Model M strip chart instrument is more simple to operate but cannot perform dynamometer measurements, motor power-current analysis and unattended pressure transient data acquisition and analysis and thereby delivers a less complete view of a well’s operation.

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Gas Gun

Intended for use with Acoustic Liquid Level Instruments. Assemblies consist of single unit gas gun and microphone.
It’s available in wired and wireless type and 1,500, 5,000 & 15,000 PSI pressure Rating.

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Types for Transducer Available:
4″ Horseshoe Dynamometer Transducer
Accurately measures both polished rod load and position. Must be installed between the pumping unit carrier bar and the permanent polished rod clamp.
5″ Horseshoe Dynamometer Transducer
Accurately measures both polished rod load and position. Can be easily installed into a permanently installed spacer assembly that fits over the polished rod between the carrier bar and polished rod clamp.
Polished Rod Dynamometer Transducer
Measures polished rod load and position with sufficient accuracy for most dynamometer analysis. Easily and safely installed in less than one minute.
Wireless Polished Rod Transducer
A versatile transducer that gathers accurate polished rod load and position using wireless technology.
Pressure Transducer
Measures pressure and temperature for accurate pressure and pressure build-up rate measurements over a wide range of temperatures.
Power-Current Transducer
Measures motor power and motor current for software determination of overall electrical efficiency, motor loading, electricity usage, and pumping unit gearbox loading and balance.
Current Transducer
Measures motor current for determination of motor loading and motor balance.

Wireless Solution

The Wireless Echometer Base Station, with GPS well site location, is connected to the USB port of the computer and communicates with all the Wireless sensors that include:
  • Wireless Remote Fire Gas Gun (WRFG)
  • Wireless 5000 PSI Gas Gun (W5KG)
  • Wireless Polished Rod Transducer (WPRT)
  • Wireless 30K Horse Shoe Transducer (WHT30K)
  • Wireless 50K Horse Shoe Transducer (WHT50K)
  • Wireless Pressure Sensor (WPT)
  • Wireless Power Current Voltage Tranducer (WPP)

Fixed Power Adaptor

The Base Station allows simultaneous acquisition of liquid level, dynamometer, power and pressure records as controlled by the user via the TAM software either at the laptop or at the sensor location.
  • Improved Experience at Well
  • Easier and Faster Installation
  • Easier Software Navigation
  • GPS for Automatic Well Selection
  • Simultaneous Fluid Level and Dynamometer
  • Safer Operation
  • Enhanced Analysis Options
  • Real Time Surface and Pump Dynamometer
  • Real Time Pump Animation
  • Flexible Dynamometer and Acoustic Overlays
  • Dynamometer Playback and Video Generation
The Wireless Sensors have been designed with state of the art microchips to achieve low noise, high accuracy and resolution with minimum power usage for long life of the rechargeable batteries. Typical range of over 400 ft has been achieved in most installations.
Wireless sensor set up and installation is done efficiently by using the control buttons and LED displays, mounted on the sensor’s body, which are used to power up, adjust, and calibrate the sensors when installed at the wellhead without having to view the computer screen.

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We do offer Echometer Software that comes with purchasing Echometer Well Data Analyzer from you:
Total Asset Monitor
Enhanced software for use with wireless equipment
Total Well Management
Integrated software used to analyze oil and gas wells
Analyzing Well Performance 2000
Used for the analysis of fluid level data acquired with a strip chart recorder
QRod 3.0
For the design and prediction of the performance of Sucker Rod Beam Pumping Installations
Gas Separator Simulator
For the design and prediction of the performance of Downhole Gas Separators.


We provides rugged, high-precision drilling instrumentation equipment – from single pressure gauges to complete systems – all designed to meet the information needs of drillers, toolpushers and E&P company staff.

Deadline Anchors

Full line of all-weather, quality-built deadline anchors pull capacities from 30,000 to 150,000 pounds
Constructed with top-quality steel and proof-tested to 150% of rated capacity, Hercules Deadline Anchors are highly accurate, super-strong anchors of exceptional reliability. Hercules Anchors are for use with Forum Weight Indicators and Load Sensors.

Weight Indicator

We do have several types of weight indicators to meet your specification:
Anchor Type Weight Indicators 
Panel-mounted as an integral part of drillers’ consoles or box-mounted for portability, Forum hydraulic deadline Anchor-type Weight Indicators help the driller maintain consistent weight on bit for faster, more efficient, and more economical drilling.
Bulk Tank Systems 
Accurate load measurements for bulk tanks and hoppers
Bulk Tank Systems provide extremely accurate load measurements for bulk Gauge, a Compression Load Cell (for bulk tanks) or a Tension Load Cell (for hoppers), and a Hydraulic Hose.
Deflection Type Weight Indicators
Designed for use on small drilling units, the Forum Deflection-type Weight Indicator is easy to move from rig to rig. The Weight Indicator system consists of a Gauge and a Deadline Diaphragm, connected by a high-pressure Hose. The deadline diaphragm converts line-load into a hydraulic pressure signal that is transmitted to the gauge. All system components fit inside a steel container for convenient, compact storage. Built-in handles make the entire system easy to transport.
Measure Head Weight Indicator Systems
Measure Head Weight Indicator systems provide precise, accurate measurement of downhole tool weights during wireline operations. Each hydraulically-operated system includes a Compression Load Cell and a Gauge, connected by a Hydraulic Hose.
Midget and Super Midget Weight Indicator Systems
Rugged, portable weight indicator systems ideal for small rigs and well service units

Drift Indicator Systems

Drift Indicator System is the most reliable and easy-to-use drift indicator available. This essential tool enables the driller to maintain a controlled, absolutely vertical drill path.

Tachometer Systems

We do provide RPM & SPM Tachometer Systems along with Generators. RPM Rotary Speed Indicator System provides Accurate rotary speed readings help driller optimize drill speed.
SPM Pump Speed Indicator System provides Quick pump speed readings detect pump or hole problems
RPM & SPM Tachometer Generators can measure and display RPM of any rotating object

Torque Indicators

We are selling 3 types of Torque Indicators:
Electric Rotary Torque System
It provides reliable torque measurements for rigs that use electric motor-driven rotary tables
Each system includes a Current Transducer and a Signal Conditioner. Other available system components include an Amp Meter and an E/P Transducer.
Mechanical Rotary Torque System
It Delivers reliable torque measurements for rigs that use chain-driven rotary tables
Available in box-mount or panel-mount configurations, the Forum Hydraulic Rotary Torque System provides accurate indications of changes in torque for rigs that use chain-driven rotary tables.
Each system includes an Idler assembly and a Gauge.
Tongue Torque Systems & Tension Load Cell
Tong Torque Systems indicate the torque applied to drill pipe, drill collars, tubing, and casing while joints are made — important for reducing drill collar and tool joint failure resulting from improper make-up.

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